WE2XPQ WH2XBA/5 VLF LF MF Part 5 Experimental and KL7L BP51IP Hart Lake Alaska

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Have you heard one of WE2XPQ or WH2XBA/5 transmissions? QSL via Hellozerohellozero (add @ symbol) Hotmail (dot) Com

WE2XPQ 600m station photo

"ARGO" courtesy Alberto I2PHD "Argo upload" courtesy of ON7YD "Spectrumlabs" courtesy of DL4YHF

When available

Rolled up auto refresh captures of the below links

VLF Wideband
500Hz - 10kHz U/VLF
Live Narrowband VLF
Live 136 and 135.430kHz HGA22
Live 137 and 138.8305kHz DCF39
Live HF

Instructional and partly educational videos for 137 and 475kHz, 630 and 2200m bands

You tube index link for channel "Hellozerohellozero" here

137kHz 2200m Transmit loop here 137kHz and 475kHz Tuning Aids - Scopematch and others here 630m station here at KL7L WE2XPQ here

HAARP Stereo Luxemnbourg effect tess Feb 2017 - use stereo headphones to listen to this live off air recording here

NA4RR Hexbeam and EZ TM40 push up mast Alaska May 2017 here

This is the real deal "Contact" swept VLF signal - terrestial or extra? here